What's NACHO


It’s NACHO Time!! The team that is bringing you NACHO is not new to the performance lighting industry.  In fact, the NACHO team members are some of the pioneers that have shaped the way auxiliary LED lighting is being used today.  With over 20 years in manufacturing, enhanced LED light performance, and purpose-built lighting applications, our hands have shaped some of the most popular products that are seen all over the automotive and marine industry. What is more impressive is the over 80 years of real-life user experience between us. We are more than just enthusiasts or fans of the sport.  We are embedded in the offroad world. With wins in various classes through Baja Mexico, and the United States, we understand what is needed and how it should work. With thousands and thousands of hours of in the field testing we are users and abusers, and still learn every day. We strive to create the next solution. It was time to come together and take our knowledge and experience of our small team, and bring everyone a company that focuses on the customer, quality, pricing, and performance. Insert NACHO. The name NACHO was created as a reminder on why we are doing this. To have fun AGAIN, to create a smile AGAIN, and have a product and brand that relates to the people AGAIN. Our hope is that we can share our knowledge, our drive, and experience through our products with you so you can escape the daily grind and get out and turn up a little dust. 

What shapes NACHO and our direction is quality, passion, and the future. We love the offroad lifestyle and the creativity, freedom, and emotion that is created within it! Unfortunately, quality is a word thrown around and is almost everywhere you look anymore. We take immense pride in using that word when describing our products and brand. We want the customer to feel that they have gotten the very best and what they need. At the end of the day, it is your hard-earned money that is spent on our products, and we want you to never second guess that decision. A large reason behind launching this company is the freedom we have to control our road map. Unlike other companies that don’t want to take design risks anymore, we thrive on it. The only way the next best thing is created is because of risk. It is what separates companies from being a me-too platform or an industry leader. We understand that risk is dangerous, but without risk, what is the next best thing? We will find out.

Thanks for all the support, and if there are any questions, please reach out as we value all feedback and we are excited to share this journey with you all.  NACHO is more than just a product, it is purpose!