Warranty Policy

North America (US, Canada)

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (all International warranty outside of Canada falls under a 3 year unlimited Kilometer manufacturer warranty please reference ARB's Warranty Policy)
The gist of it: We will take care of your light purchase!  As long as you are not in rally mode trying to impress your buddies or your future x spouse, and smoke the light into something. Get a hold of us and let us hear the story before we go any further.  Sometimes the story may validate a replacement. For those that need want this in legal content continue reading.

First off NACHO does not encourage the act of aggressive driving so please don’t try and create a story to share with us! During the design, engineering, and validation development of the NACHO product, we make sure to put quality and purpose at the top of the list.  All products go through a strenuous round of engineering validation testing to assure that our function and design hold up to the elements our customers will use our products in.  Unfortunately, some manufacturing issues do arise and how we deal with those is what sets us apart from others. Everyone at NACHO wants to make your experience as seamless as possible if there is a product failure.  Please review our Warranty policy below and if there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to a NACHO team member. 

- Warranties on our products vary by product which is explained in this warranty. All warranty returns will require a Return Authorization form which is described below.

-Lights - Limited Lifetime

-Mounts and Accessories - 3 Years

- Warranties cover defects in design and manufacturing only. Warranties do not cover, among other things:  installation errors, wear and tear, acts of God, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, collisions, defects due to custom specifications provided by you, or any product modifications, configurations or combinations not performed by us or on our behalf. Also note the exceptions below for accessories.

- The warranty period begins when the end user takes possession of the product and registers it. Product registration can be found on www.NACHOOFFROADTECHNOLOGY.com.  This will allow you to secure your proof of purchase for any potential warranty claims that may arise.  

-If the light is sold or transferred to a new user.  Please reach out to customer service on the transfer of user registration. 

- For all warranty returns, NACHO will pay the freight costs on the condition that you return the defective product within 90 days of the RMA notice; otherwise, the product must be returned to us with freight prepaid by you. It will be at NACHO’s discretion of the warranty remedy to either repair or replace the product in question, or issue a credit. If an identical product is no longer available, we may replace with a similar product of comparable value


Auxiliary Lights Used for Commercial Use: This covers the following industries: Agriculture, Industrial, Mining, and Public Safety.

Warranty Period: 5 years or 50,000 hours of operation. Must provide proof of purchase upon claim or proof of product registration.


Auxiliary Lights Used for Recreational Automotive/Off Road: This covers our projection light families.  

Warranty Period: Limited lifetime warranty or 50,000 hours of operation. You must provide proof of purchase upon claim or proof of product registration.

Accessories: Such as light brackets, mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and light covers. 

Please contact customer service if there are questions in regards to these accessories and potential warranty concerns.

-Warranties submitted without RMA consent will not be processed.



To Start a Warranty Claim

- Fill out the Warranty Form to start a warranty claim

- Our Technical Support team will troubleshoot issues, determine if the product needs to be sent in for an inspection or repair.

-If directed to send the product in by NACHO, we will provide an RMA form and number. You will then send the product to the below address. Use the RMA number provided by NACHO as a reference on the shipping label.

- Without proof of purchase or product registration, repairs or product upgrades will be handled case by case, and there may end up with a cost to the customer depending on the findings when received at Nacho.

Nacho Offroad Technology- Warranty RMA#
4641 E Ivy Street
Mesa, AZ 85205

-Once items are received a NACHO team member will follow up with the status of your warranty claim and keep you updated throughout the process.