We ship orders out daily. We ship same day orders if the order is placed prior to 2:00 pm Arizona Time. If an order is placed after 2:00, that order will be put in the shipping que for next day shipment.
The TM5 harness that is sold separately was gauged to handle 4 TM5 lights on the same circuit. It was built with 2 leads to wire into 2 lights. If you add another set you will need to splice into the wire harness. Again, it was engineered to handle the current of 4 TM5s.
There are 3 ways to be considered Team NACHO. First off, you’re an employee, and as NACHO continues to grow career opportunities will be posted so stay tuned for those openings. Second, you are a brand ambassador which NACHO seeks to find qualified partners that share the same passion and drive as we do. Ambassador applications can be found under the Team NACHO tab on our website. Third is by repping the brand with either our top tier line of lighting products, Apparel, or even a sticker on an ice chest. We feel the love, believe me.
International shipments are marked with the value of your purchase price. International customers are responsible for any tariffs or customs fees that may be associated with their shipment.
NACHO is a small team with big ambitions. We will do our best to get back with everyone’s phone call or email questions same day.
Please reach out to support@NACHOOFFROADTECHNOLOGY.COM with your information. We support all military, ex-military, and first-responders.
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