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Pre Sale Questions

We ship orders out daily. We strive to ship same day orders if the order is placed prior to 2:00 pm Arizona Time. If an order is placed after 2:00, that order will be put in the shipping que to ship out the following business day.
The TM5 harness that is sold separately was gauged to handle 4 TM5 lights on the same circuit. It was built with 2 leads to wire into 2 lights. If you add another set you will need to splice into the wire harness. Again, it was engineered to handle the current of 4 TM5s.
There are 3 ways to be considered Team NACHO. First off, you’re an employee, and as NACHO continues to grow career opportunities will be posted so stay tuned for those openings. Second, you are a brand ambassador which NACHO seeks to find qualified partners that share the same passion and drive as we do. Ambassador applications can be found under the Team NACHO tab on our website. Third is by repping the brand with either our top tier line of lighting products, Apparel, or even a sticker on an ice chest. We feel the love, believe me.
International shipments are marked with the value of your purchase price. International customers are responsible for any tariffs or customs fees that may be associated with their shipment.
NACHO is a small team with big ambitions. We will do our best to get back with everyone’s phone call or email questions same day.
Yes, check out the GOVX page military/first responder discount.
We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our light products. What that means is if there is a manufacturer failure on the light we will make sure we get it repaired or replaced for the life of the product. Our High Boy Shop light is a 5 year limited lifetime warranty and all our mounts are 2 years limited lifetime.

Quatro Questions

PM411 Quatro Combo - a Spot and Flood beam pattern. Ideal for average off roader who needs more driving light.
PM431 Quatro Spot – an all-spot beam ideal for higher speed driving.
PM451 Quatro Flood – an all-flood beam Ideal for area light or slow speed driving.
PM461/PM491 SAE Fog and Spot Combo – A street legal fog light with a off-road spot function. Comes in a white or amber lens.
PM411 – Candela 62,000 and 5,243 effective lumens per light.
PM431 – Candela 106,000 and 5,410 effective lumens per light.
PM451 – Candela 24,000 and 4,083 effective lumens per light.
The most common Quatro setup for touring would be a Quatro Spot or Quatro Combo for A pillar locations depending if you are looking for more side light or distance, Quatro Floods for rack mounting or rear facing mounting for area and back up lighting.
Any bumper mounted lighting would consist of a mixture of Quatro Spots and Combos.
The Quatro utilizes a engineered TIR optic. A TIR optic is designed to harness more light output from the LED making it more efficient than other common reflectors on the market.
You do not need to use all the wires. The Quatro has 3 functions into each light. You can make it as versatile as possible or just simply power on the blue wire and have the light work as simple as on off.
The Quatro comes with Amber and Black branded covers. The covers are integrated into the housing using a snap geometry on the removal bezel. Please remove the bezel by pulling equally on both sides of the bezel. Once the bezel is removed, please put the cover in place by using the indicators in the housing and then snap the bezel back on with equal pressure while holding the cover in place.
The Quatro housing adds a unique style to the Quatro and is meant to protect the main light engine. The light engine is built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions but the added layer of the housing allows you to not back down from any challenge. The housing can be replaced at anytime and keep your lights looking fresh. You can also paint match the housing without jeopardizing the light engine.
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